• Agness and Bruce
    • Agness and Bruce both have something wrong with them (son and wheelchair), so they both use that as a start to the relationship.
    • It ends when Bruce finds out about Agness being an ex-convict.
  • Felipe and Samus
    • Felipe and Samus eventually bond enough to realize their true feelings toward one another.


  • Brock and the Females (minus Johanna, Samus, and Tyra)
  • The Males (minus AM, Brock, Bruce, and Felipe) and and Tyra


  • Magikarp and Susie
  • Johanna and Magikarp


  • Johanna and Samus
  • Brock and Tyra
  • Everyone and Zylon
  • Ashton and Everyone
    • Ashton and Susie
  • Johanna and Susie
  • Daisi and Tanner
  • Johanna and Susie

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